Guard Room

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When you require the ultimate in security and protection, you need ballistic resistant enclosures from Armored Vehicles Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. Our ballistic resistant booths (also known as bullet resistant booths) are skill-fully engineered to the most exacting of standards, ensuring each booth pro-vide incomparable protection for your guards and security staff. Armored Vehicles Pakistan employs highly specialized materials, such as ballistic resistant glass and armor steel plates on our custom steel booths. This has made us a leader in ballistic resistant technology and allowed us to achieve the highest level of ballistic resistance in the industry. While other bullet proof booth man-ufacturers are working to catch up to our level of expertise, we're already mov-ing forward and continue to improve on our technology and your security. Armored bullet resistant booth materials have been vigorously tested by H.P. White and Inspectorate of Armament, GHQ . These organizations are the absolute authorities in safety and security and know how to test for the proverbial bullet proof guard house. When bullet resistant booth materials pass their strenuous testing, it's clear these materials provide the ultimate in protection.